Hi, I'm Hank

I’m a writer, comedian, podcaster, video editor, animator, digital producer, woodworker, trophy son and a recovering employee. I have put a lot of crap on the Internet.

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Bum Rush Industries is a wood- and videoworking project in which I’m converting an apartment balcony into a woodworking shop and business, from which I make various items—including the flagship product, The Bum Rush—out of found furniture and construction lumber.

I'm documenting the process on YouTube and Instagram using advanced filmmaking techniques (my phone).


a hilarious podcast about nothing funny

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Winners and Losers started in 2010. Its early years center on the Chicago stand up scene but it has evolved into a show about news, culture and my hair as well as conversations with fun, interesting people. "Perfect Union" is the politics wing, featuring my spicy takes on the latest horrors and seeks to upend the myths behind America. Having followed politics since I was a weird teen and working in online media, plus an endless well of delusional confidence, I'm more than qualified to spew opinions into a microphone.

It's on YouTube and various audio streaming platforms.

On Twitch, I do woodworking, gaming, art streams and live-rambling.

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YouTube Channel covering shows, movies, games, nerd sh*t

From humble origins as a comedian's gaming channel, SuckProfessor's 1000+ videos are how I leveled up video editing and taught myself motion graphics and animation. In addition to explainers, lets plays and trailer breakdowns, it grew to include coverage of shows and movies, swelling to over 7K subscribers with a modest patreon community, thanks to our hit format, The Shot-by-Shot breakdown.

We still do occasional podcasts and game videos to stay connected with our lovely audience.


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Who is this guy?

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Hank Thompson doing stand up

Since the moment I first uttered nonsense into a microphone at a stand up open mic in 2009, I've had an ongoing friendship with humiliating failure.

Soon I was performing several nights a week, becoming part of the vibrant, drunk Chicago comedy scene, in full pursuit of my dream of being a loudmouth know-it-all.

In addition to joke-telling, I took up video editing, making shorts, producing & hosting comedy shows and podcasting before selling everything I owned including my aquarium business to move to Los Angeles in 2013 for a job producing and directing comedy for The Young Turks. My role expanded to YouTube publishing, earning two professional YouTube certifications. (yes, they have those) As part of The Jimmy Dore Show in 2016, my arsenal of digital production skills continued to grow.

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Starting YouTube channels, writing and performing, editing and animating, avoiding the sun—I sought outlets for my creative energy. In 2018, I went to work full-time again for The Young Turks as a video editor, helped with lizard care and occasionally appeared on camera.

2020 and 2021 brought new challenges (being laid off, a plague, the sun) but I've continued to do freelance professional editing and develop ideas, including Bum Rush Industries as a way to live my principles and apply my filmmaking skills to a passion for woodworking, with the intention of building a successful business that empowers me to achieve my dream of getting out of Los Angeles.

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